About Our Brand

Wife. Mother. Attorney by day, obsessed designer at night. African born and American raised. I am Jeneba Barrie. During the day I am an attorney and at night I put on my designer hat. I sketch, pick out materials and reach out to our Italian partners to bring the ultimate nude pumps to life. Our debut collection is just a glimpse of what's to come. 

We currently have 13 nude (skin-tone) shades in our collection--the most on the market--and we are just getting started. For far too long the market has had a very restrictive and narrow definition of "nude"--one or two shades of beige. We all know that when it comes to nude shoes, like foundation, one or two shades are not enough. 


I believe that "nude" shoes should match your skin-tone and I launched this brand with that objective in mind. Our product affords everyday women true nude versatility with pumps that can be worn from the boardroom to happy hour and even running errands around town.


Join me in redefining and revolutionizing the meaning of "nude" shoes in the fashion industry.


The ultimate nude pumps have arrived with Jeneba Barrie, nude footwear that is true to hue.