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AND I WANTED TO ENSURE WE STAY TRUE TO THIS MESSAGE When I set out to actually create this nude shoe line--after putting it off for years--I often thought of each and every way this brand can be more diverse, more inclusive and we have been working on just that--our number one mission was of course was shade diversity. Here are all of the ways we are staying true to our core principle:   (1) Shade Diversity--Our 13 skin-tone shades was the most obvious focal point, after all, a huge percentage of women--namely, women of color--have a hard time walking into a store and finding a nude pump that actually matches their skin tone. We are proud to say we...

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Thank You❤️

✨A Heartfelt Thank You✨ Dear JBNF Family-- As we approach our three year business anniversary, I wanted to personally take the time to say THANK YOU! Whether you were one of our first supporters during our Kickstarter campaign, bought shoes, swatchbooks, masks, or simply supported us by following our social media pages--please know that I appreciate each and everyone of you. Your support has been invaluable to the brand...and with your continued support we hope to be here for the long haul. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.   xox -Jeneba

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Put Both Feet In & Grind It Out

A year ago I was heavily pregnant and exhaustively planning the launch of my name sake shoe line--Jeneba Barrie. The process was tedious and painstakingly onerous. It was an around the clock grind. It was an exercise in determination, grit and persistence: three qualities that I believe are essential for entrepreneurship. As many will attest, entrepreneurship is a lonely minefield and it has a funny way of exposing your weaknesses, insecurities and magnifying any doubts you may already have about your endeavor. My way of coping with the insecurities and doubt was to patiently build a road map--a 27 page execution plan that I crafted way before I even thought of officially launching. Included in this plan was a list...

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Working moms: Don’t balance, prioritize.

I am currently writing this blog on a Wednesday night around 11:00 pm. My babies are sound asleep, and this is the ideal time for me to finally work on my other baby, my nude shoe line. Nude footwear has been my passion for the past several years. Providing true nude pumps to all women have been a true obsession of mine. But, as many of you know, I recently went back to work after 3+ months of maternity leave. I currently have two sons, a 2-year-old and a 4-month-old. Before tucking them in, I bathed them and made sure the older one had his dinner (luckily the infant nurses on demand, very convenient). But way before that, I put in...

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